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The Hard drive failures can be classified as Physical damage and logical damages. Physical hard drive failures are a relatively common but a serious and urgent problem for computer users.

The symptoms of physical damage:

• Clicking or Whirring Sounds

• Slow File Access Speeds

• Frequent File Corruption Errors notifications

• Failure to Mount or Recognize

• Missing Files or Folders

• Bad Sector Error Messages

These symptoms are the clear points denote physical damage. For physical damages drive, user must be very sure that not using or trying to work that drive anymore, because it can make extensive media damage. The symptoms will be due to:

• Damaged heads

• Contaminated heads

• Stuck heads

• Seized spindle

So, the working after the damage can cause the head scratch on the platter makes the data recovery more and more risky and difficult. Physical data recovery is riskier than the logical data recovery.Smart Data Recovery Abu Dhabi is the No.1 Data Recovery Company in UAE with Advanced Technology and facilities to perform Physical damage data recovery.

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