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Storage devices, most common- Hard drives, are very complex mechanical device operating at very precise tolerance. The distance between the read/write head and the platter where data is stored is 1-2 micro inches (one millionth of an inch).Even a slight nudge, a power surge or a contaminant introduced into the drive may cause the head to touch the platter and cause a head crash. Data in the contact area may be permanently destroyed.

Data recovery is not just transferring data bytes from damaged disk drives or deleted file systems.So, a company with modern technology base and advanced machinery support can only resolve the issues. Users must recognize that any loss of data is an immediate and urgent problem. It may not be confined to one system or network and its impacts could reach beyond a single branch or department.

In most cases, people used to try many soft wares and other companies (which are not mainly focused in data recovery and non-professional companies are examples) to bring back the data. But this is the worst and risky situation of the hard drive is when trying to recover data using many other peripheral alternatives makes the magnetic platter and components more and more susceptible to dust and scratches. It will decrease the chance of recovery possibility and makes the recovery process very difficult. In such cases also, we have a success history, even in extreme conditions.The other main risk in data recovery will be the availability of the parts needed for the recovery. With decades of experience, Smart data recovery can assure you the safe and confidential data recovery from any types of Hard disks.

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