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Welcome to Smart Data Recovery, a leading provider of data recovery services for corporations, individuals, businesses in UAE . The Smart Data Recovery specializes in restoring and recovering lost, inaccessible and corrupted data from all types of data storage devices including Hard Drives, RAID Arrays, Solid State Drives, Apple Mac Computers, Laptops, Tape Drives, Cell phones, Cameras, Smart Phones and Flash Media devices..

We value our clients and work relentlessly to ensure that you are completely satisfied. With more than 12 years of experience, countless of different cases behind us and the most advanced data recovery lab, Smart Data Recovery can quickly diagnose the problem affecting your failed media and apply the most efficient solution in order to achieve fast and complete recovery of your data.

We are equipped to handle any hard drive failure, logical or mechanical / physical failure and our engineers are available day and night to solve any data loss situation you are facing with..

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Hard Disk Physical Damage

Hard Drive Logical Damage

Raid Failed/ VMWare Damage

Water Damage/Mobile Phone

Drive sector Damage/Virus Effected

Dead Mobile/Software Damage

Server, NAS, Virtual, SAN Storage

Ransomware/Malware Attack

SSD, CF, Flash Drive, Chip Off

Software/Programs Cloning

Computer/Laptop, Repair

CNC Machine OS/Program

Digital Forensic Analysis

External/Internal Hard Disk

When the storage media fails , you have to care more about the media .Self diagnosis or any software testing can make the data completely damaged .So first the client needs to find a Professional company to diagnose the drive to know what the problem and recovery possibility .It is very critical decision whom you are finding as professional. Since the data recovery process is very complicated and risky work.Data recovery is like a surgery on human body. Sometimes unrecoverable data damages may be happened to the data by entrusting other unskilled personnel or company before approaching us. The recovery process is extremely complicated, once extra damages are made due to an unsuccessful data recovery hands it becomes almost impossible to recover the data


No Diagnostic Fee

No Data / No Charge We Only Get Paid If Success Recovered Your Data

100% Data Recovery

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successfully get your data back as quickly as possible. Smart Data Recovery is the No1 Data Recovery Company with Advanced Technology to perform correctly. If your data is very important.. Many cases we are handling is the result of after effects of other companies already attempted for recovery. For physical damage recovery , many companies are offering lower prices ,then the clients will think it as a good option (Can they offer a guaranteed SUCCESFULL AND SECURE recovery ???) It is difficult that you will find a good company at a low cost (You can find a professional company ,that they will accept the payment only after the successful recovery )